Robert van Lieshout

Dec 31, 2019

2 min read

Grateful for 2019

I’ve been looking back at all that 2019 has brought me. There is much to be grateful for. Small things, like my daily gratefulness practice. Big things, like the wonderful people I’ve been working with.

Kampina in 2019. Picture by me.

Highlights for me include the Liberating Structures Global Gathering; being part of the design team of a Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop; being part of the organization of XP Days Benelux conference; co-creating a workshop about Psychological Safety which we gave at several conferences; continuing with my peer mentoring group (“Intervisiegroep”); coaching some fantastic people and being coached myself; starting up a group to co-create services for new leadership; my many experiments and the articles I wrote about them; the enthusiastic teams I’ve worked with at Jumbo Supermarkten and Philips Healthcare; the training courses I’ve provided; the meetups I’ve attended.

My 2019

If you’ve been part of my journey this year: thank you very much! The list of people is far too long to mention you all, and I’m bound to forget someone. Besides I’d rather thank you in person next time we meet.

I do want to mention two women who played a special part in my life in 2019: Els & Linda.

  • Linda was involved in many things that I did this year: coaching, experimenting, facilitating, co-creating, reviewing and more. The connection we have and the energy I get when working with her are unbelievable.

2020 will be a challenging year for me for health reasons. However, I’m confident that it will also bring me many highlights. I hope our paths will meet and look forward to all the beauty that lies ahead.

Father, learner, coach & agilist. I'm passionate about nature and helping people become their best selves.

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