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  • Kylie Havelock

    Kylie Havelock

    Head of Product @CitizensAdvice . Passion for equitable tech. Ex @CDS_GC @Justice_Digital . Board @LocalWelcome . Fellow @CloreSocial 🏳️‍🌈

  • Matthew Trinetti

    Matthew Trinetti

    Writer, facilitator, consultant, TEDx speaker on purposeful work, deliberate living & conscious travel. Teacher @escthecity. https://GiveLiveExplore.com.

  • Lison Mage

    Lison Mage

    I help clever people & teams conquer overthinking and make better decisions. Buy my book on Overthinking: https://lisonmage.com/act-before-you-overthink-buy/

  • Anna Birney

    Anna Birney

    Cultivating #systemschange | Director @forum4thefuture | School of System Change | Passion #inquiry #livingsystems #livingchange

  • Hailey Magee, Codependency Recovery Coach

    Hailey Magee, Codependency Recovery Coach

    Break the people-pleasing pattern, set empowered boundaries, and master the art of speaking your truth. www.haileymagee.com.

  • neilperkin


    Author of ‘Building the Agile Business’ and ‘Agile Transformation’. Founder of Only Dead Fish. Curator of Google Firestarters.

  • Claire Lew

    Claire Lew

    CEO of Know Your Team (http://knowyourteam.com). My life’s mission is to help people become happier at work.

  • Brian Link

    Brian Link

    Enterprise Agile Coach at Practical Agilist and LeanDog. Writes and enjoys product, leadership, business agility, transformations, scaling and all things agile.

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