and why you should try it.

Fancy a different kind of party, where the usual suspects don’t always steal the show? Try my Failure Party recipe and you’ll be amazed.

The purpose of a Failure Party is to reinforce the message that failures are okay and to spread the learning to a large group.


Serves 1…

I’ve been looking back at all that 2019 has brought me. There is much to be grateful for. Small things, like my daily gratefulness practice. Big things, like the wonderful people I’ve been working with.

Kampina in 2019. Picture by me.

Highlights for me include the Liberating Structures Global Gathering; being part of the design team…

My name is Robert. French pronunciation, with emphasis on the second syllable: Robèrt. Those of you that know me probably know me as Rob or Robert (English pronunciation). From now on please call me Robèrt. Let me explain why.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

My parents named me Robert, pronounced the French way (Robèrt). Before…

I promised to experiment and share those experiments here.

In previous posts I would add “together with the inevitable failures”, but not anymore. I’m now convinced that whatever the outcome, each experiment is valuable to me in some way.

This time I want to share a valuable experiment called “Who…

Robert van Lieshout

Father, learner, coach & agilist. I'm passionate about nature and helping people become their best selves.

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